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Green Receipt®

What do customers really do with the majority of their credit card receipts? The answer is 90 percent of the time - absolutely nothing. Studies have shown the average consumer throws them away, stuffs them into purses and wallets, or leaves them in the car never to be useful again. The average retail business uses over 400 pounds of credit card paper per year – What a waste of time, money and valuable resources!

The Green Receipt® program offers the only revolutionary paperless receipt solution storing all of your merchant and consumer point of sale receipts in a secure, centralized online “hub” that can be accessed anytime.

A Cure for Credit Card Receipt "Clutter" - How it works!

  • Cardholders - consumers who elect to receive a paperless receipt at the point of sale will register online at www.planetreceipt.com to open up a FREE "Eco-Account".
  • By opening an Eco-Account, the cardholder can register any credit or debit card they wish to have recognized in the “green merchant network”.
  • Once the cardholder registers the credit or debit cards online, each time they use a registered card, the receipt will be stored online and will be accessible anytime. The Green Receipt® system will know that they are “green.”
  • The registered cardholder may then view, retrieve, sort, print, email, or text their online Green Receipt® “paperless receipts”. There’s no more losing a receipt. There’s no more worry locating a receipt to return merchandise. It is always online and available when needed.
  • Merchants no longer have to store signed credit card receipts. Green Receipt® “paperless receipts” has an electronic signature capture solution. The Merchants will have online access to their point of sale receipts to sort, retrieve, download, e-mail or print on recycled paper for chargeback retrieval request or chargeback disputes.


Green Receipt® "paperless-receipt" Advantages

  • Never fades or gets lost.
  • A trusted, reliable secure receipt storage solution 24-7.
  • Reduces operational costs – No need to purchase receipt paper.
  • No more searching for lost receipts.
  • The only answer to “where’s my receipt.
  • Enhances consumer experience.
  • Improves accounting efficiencies.
  • Ends the paper trail.

Green Receipt® Merchant Benefits

  • Merchants will NEVER lose or misplace a signed credit card receipt again.
  • Be more transparent and honest in your sustainable claims and minimize negative impacts on the environment with each transaction.
  • Access all credit card receipts in one place with the re-generated cardholder signature for superior chargeback management.
  • Reduces operational costs – No need to purchase receipt paper.
  • May import credit card receipt data into back-office accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks or Peachtree) streamlining accounting efficiencies.
  • Robust functionality to manage, store, retrieve, download, and email credit card receipts on demand with signature recreation.

Green Receipts® Consumer Benefits

  • Cardholder – consumer will NEVER lose or misplace a point of sale receipt again.
  • An intuitive touch screen signature pad asks the cardholder - consumer to “be green” - no printed receipt at checkout.
  • Cardholders go to www.planetreceipt.com to register and setup their FREE eco-account.
  • Enhanced online security tools protect all eco-account profile information.
  • No credit card information is ever stored
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